Two Minute Parenting: My First Video Blog

Learning anything new is difficult. It takes lot of time and patience but it also brings innate joy, pride and of course the confidence. The first time this idea of putting together a video post, stuck my mind, I thought it will be super easy. Just standing in front of the camera and talking. I love talking and this shouldn’t be a big deal but little did I know that this would probably be one of the most difficult thing to do, especially for the first time. You cant help but notice your accent, your hair, your pauses, your fumbles and so much more and keep thinking that it’s not right.

But I tried and not redo the video a lot of times. this is my first time and if there are flaws. they are there for a reason. My whole idea of starting a parenting blog came from few of my friends who are struggling hard with it. and that too for the problems that is not even worth worrying, but isn’t that how parenting is supposed to happen. Mothers of older children would smile at a younger mother worrying about a sneeze and their tendency to be a “Google Doctor”. The truth is if we don’t know, we don’t know, unless someone tells us. I want to take up small everyday issues that parents face and the practical solutions for them. I would like to say Thanks to all the readers for being there in my journey of parenthood.
Hope you’d like my video and will have feedback for the same
Aarshia and Mama