9 FREE Speech And Language Resources On Youtube

‘Speech And Language’

Internet may have earned a bad name for letting mankind lose itself into the world of never ending information but this very ‘advancement’ has brought the community of special needs parents from all over the globe together.

Various special needs groups on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Twitter have been helping new parents by not just coming to terms with the diagnosis but also with the ways and means with which they can manoeuvre easily through this unchartered territory.

These groups are empowering new and old parents like never before. All a parent need is to post his/her question or concern in one of these groups and kind hearted parents jump in to answer and share their own journey and stories along with their advises. This is one of the best times to be a parent in the history of the world. The information is easily available and if one has the curiosity and the intention, platforms like youtube have so many resources available for free.

In today’s blog post I would like to share some of these wonderful ‘Speech and Language channels’ for you all. Speech is one of the most delayed milestone for most of our children and it is understandable why parents become extremely worried about the children’s challenges to communicate with their social environment. A comprehensible speech goes a long way into building up the confidence of the child, which is why it is imperative that we all work to create opportunities for better speech exposure for our children.

Here is a list of some of Youtube channels that are working exclusively for ‘Speech and language’ and I believe these can help many parents learn and impart such sounds and language related activities to their children and many more.

1. Carrie Clark


This channel is one of the best for speech and language printable therapy materials, time-saving tips, and step-by-step guides for teaching speech and language skills. One can also visit https://www.speechandlanguagekids.com for more resources.


2. Speech Language beyond


About: Speech Language and Beyond, LLC is small pediatric speech therapy company in Albany, Georgia. They provide speech therapy services to pediatics 3 years to 18 years of age with primary and secondary communication disorders such as articulation disorder, receptive and expressive language disorder, fluency disorder, oral motor problems, auditory deficits processing, and reading and writing problems.


3.Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy Inc.


About: This channel is of Kayla Chalko, Founder and Lead Speech Therapist of Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy Inc. She has worked with many of families over the years! On her channel Kayla says how she wants to help parents and therapists with her weekly speech therapy tips and tricks for toddlers. Kayla posts videos every week.



4. Logopeda Speech Therapy




5. That Speech Lady


About: This channel is designed for children, teacher and parents. If you have a child that struggles being understood, saying a sound and has low vocabulary – this channel is for you.

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6. Therapy Playground


About: Therapy Playground is a pediatric therapy clinic encompassing speech, occupational, physical, and CBRS play-based therapy.



7. My Speech Party


About: Lively, fun and interactive, educational speech practice shows for kids while taking talking turns with the speech-language pathologist from myspeechparty.com. Kids improve speech-language and communication skills while practicing with “Speech” Keri and her puppet pals. Parents & educators will learn basic, key communication techniques for convenient speech practice with children.



8. Teach me to talk


About: Here you’ll find FREE Therapy Tip of the Week video series with ideas for parents and professionals who work with toddlers and young preschoolers with language delays.




9. Yak Back Pack



So here are the nine channels that we are sure you all will find useful for strengthening the ‘speech and language’ of our children. If you have any more resources that you have found great, do share it in the comments below.

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