9 Out Of The World Ideas To Save Your Sanity In Summer Vacations!


It’s been just a few days into summer vacations, and I am sure you are already running out of ideas to keep your little monsters occupied. You must have heard the incessant “I’m bored” to the forever “I am hungry”- hundreds of times already. The T.V must be tired of running more than it can handle, and the iPad- which seemed your last hope- is not faring very well as your idea of a great company all day long.

While most mothers are happy to be able to sleep a little longer and not wake up to run a marathon,  the lack of routine and messed-up house, day after day, can become too much to handle. You must have seen mothers cribbing and complaining about it on every possible platform, but nobody is giving us solutions!  Of course, we have some extra terrestrial super moms’ blogs -giving us not-so-practical ideas which look like “ child’s play” ( pun intended) but when you attempt it, takes about 45 minutes to arrange and a flat 10 minutes for the little rascals to finish. Then you’ll have 30 minutes of cleaning to do until they’re back at “I’m bored.”

Some of the activities suggested are so elementary –like rearranging the furniture, inviting their friends over or taking them to the zoo, etc. !  Seriously, if I had the energy to handle more children or going out in blazing heat, would I even be reading the super mom’s dear blog for summer activity ideas!

So here are some easy, fun activities for your little rascals’- for when you are not really in a mood to be so hands on. With these tips, kids can engage themselves, while you  enjoy your cup of coffee and write those important comments on friend’s recent Facebook pics 🙂

1. Cardboards are a mother’s best friend


Get them in every possible size that you can, including toilet paper rolls.  Give them to kids with kid- friendly scissors (for older kids)  some colours, brushes, some old bedsheets, some old toys and you are ready for few hours of sane time. You can also make a window if it’s a big enough box and let your kids paint it all. If you have older children or would like to get involved in the ride, then go to pinterest  and you’re in for a treat. Have fun!



2. Get old pictures out and be ready for a fun ride

vacation 3

This is probably one thing that I don’t mind doing and neither would you, but if you want your kids to take over, they would happily do it. You can provide a photo journal or a scrap book, a  gluestick and voilà! You’ll have them occupied for next few hours. Give them their own photos to sort or stick. Everybody loves to look at themselves. You can also give them some sparkly pens to decorate the pages, and soon you will have quite a few masterpieces. Then you share with family or friends over Facebook, while encouraging their creativity at the same time. Of course you can only do this activity if your kids are above 4-5 and if they have an elder sibling that can always help!


3. Ice treasure hunt

vacation 4

When I heard and read about this, I wasn’t sure if this would be a great idea; but try it once and you’ll be in for a never-before surprise. Kids love this!! The idea that their favourite plastic toys are trapped in ice, and they become the saviour of Animalkind. This is unique, and they have to wait to make sure that all the animals come out of the ice safely. The good part is it doesn’t require much. Just take a big box of water and put the toys carefully at various corners. You can add some colour or sparkle for a dramatic effect too. Freeze it a night before, and the next afternoon, you can watch your favourite movie without an interruption.

P.S :- Give them a plastic hammer to break the ice and make sure they wear their swimming goggles!


4. Lights, Camera, Action!



Camera alone can babysit almost anybody. Tell your kids to make a short film, an ad or ask them to take some pictures of the sky during the day and the night and put on a show after they are done. They can be encouraged to make a PPT ( PowerPoint Presentation) with the same along with some digital effects.  They can try editing the video or putting special effects ( if they can). A lot of children do not get complete freedom with the camera or the video maker, but once you give them the responsibility, you can expect some great results and a greater engagement all by themselves. The best part:- everybody wants to be in a movie.  So if you have more than one child, let them divide the roles of director, actor, or writer and let the creativity flow.

5. Ask them to put on a show with random stuff


It could be a fashion show if they are girls, or a play of superhero versus aliens where you can supply capes, magic wands or random stuff that your kids don’t normally have access to (like cushions, make up etc.) You can also give your girls some kitchen stuff like jars, pans or sandwich knives for pretend play if they want to do a tea party for Barbie.  Or give an old tape recorder, modem or any electrical equipment which is ancient, to your boy (assuming he has his own plastic mechanix equipments) to open and experiment with ( boys love to do that and can spend hours looking at the insides of an old machine).

6. Make over game


Trust me, boys and girls like this game equally. Take an old T-shirt, bag, cushion (or anything that could use some colour), some fabric paints in bright shades along with some wool pieces, ribbons, kid- safe scissors and you can have that never-before time for yourself. Tell them to make a draft on paper and let them loose. You will have the most astonishing creative pieces that your eyes can handle. From dolls to chaotic patterns, your children will learn the uninhibited way to let their creativity out  and you’ll be happy to see them engaged without having to lose your sanity.

7. Make them gardeners


You will just have to do one thing. Buy plants on the first day of the vacations, as many as the number of children you have. Name these plants after your children and make that known to everybody around the house. Now encourage your kiddos to take care of the plants.  Tell them to spend time with them, give water, and do some music therapy. Seeing a plant grow is one of the most enticing and exciting thing a child can witness and you’ll be glad to see him spending time with his namesake and learning to appreciate all forms of life. The best part is that he’ll be spending a lot of time measuring, observing, and researching about his dear friend and you’ll be having that martini in bliss!


8. Hurdle race


This is one thing you’ll start looking at from a different angle once you see how much your child love this. You don’t generally have to do much, just allow them to use what they want to use and you would be surprised at what all they can use. At my place the cushions, sofa seats, slippers, shoes, boxes, old bags, everything is used for a hurdle race. And they can stay engaged because with every level, the difficulty level increases and they are using things in a totally different way which adults would never be able to imagine.

9. Camping would never grow old


We’ve done it, our parents have done it, and now it’s time for our kids to enjoy camping right inside the house. You could either use readymade tent houses or let them make one with chairs, bedsheets and other things. I am sure they are already doing that, but to make it fun, give them some grown-up stuff like some kitchen things for girls and a TV and remote for boys;) (sorry for being stereotypical!)  But you know what it means:  make it interesting,  give them rope, flashlight, some fun food, and you won’t see them for hours.

It is wonderful of you to come by and read. If you like the ideas, don’t keep it to yourself, your friends have equal rights to remain sane during vacation. So pass it on like all good things!

You’re welcome;)


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