A “special” daughter’s day..!!

Yesterday was daughter’s day and I am sure all mothers who have a special girl or angel in their lives must have celebrated it by being together with the one they love most. I did too!! No biggie, we just spent some nice time cooking, playing, hugging and talking!! Yes, she can communicate now, not really talk like saying big coordinated, cohesive sentences but she can definitely make my eyes moist by listening and giving solutions in her own language or words, and this is like the best part of having a daughter in your life. I am sure every mother can understand; for example when I asked her a very intense question about why God sent her in our lives? My 6 year old answered… “God, mama, papa, dadi (granny), bhaiya (brother), Aarshia( herself) happy!!!” J well, this was the best explanation ever.

Since the time I can remember, I wanted a daughter. A daughter who would know how am I  feeling, who would throw her arms around my neck several times a day, who would accompany me to all the sales in all the malls and who would share her first love and break ups with me. A daughter…was going to be the solution to all my worries…J

And I knew from the day I was pregnant that it’s going to be a daughter. I am not exaggerating, I just knew it. My heart knew it and all those nine months I was weaving those beautiful dreams of having that bundle of the most beautiful baby in the world and living in my bubble for the rest of my life.

But as they say, the destiny had other plans… the day I got to know my daughter had Down syndrome!! the reaction was pretty much the same as of most of the other mothers. My world too came crashing down and more than the world, it was my dreams which I thought I would never be able to live. I cried endless nights and days mourning for those dreams, I cried every time I saw a small girl or a family like us without the “special gift”.
Now looking back, I realize what a waste of time and tears. Wish I knew better. Wish I knew she was going to do everything I had asked for and much more. She couldn’t have been better. She is perfect and I am not saying this out of sheer emotions, I am being sensible, practical and everything that one might need to see through things. I have never felt such love in my life as I do when I am hugging her or she is kissing me. It is never because I got a gift or a doll for her; it is always out of love!! Her deep, unconditional, out of the world love and oh so great hugs…

Didn’t want to be nostalgic but I guess sometimes it’s good to air those bottled up emotions and deep buried guilt and embrace your new life. I have celebrated my daughter’s day by putting closure to the guilt about not accepting her early enough and crying when I should’ve been celebrating and from now on I will just try to love better and live better with my angel.
So how did you celebrate the daughter’s day?

Small And Sweet

Small and Sweet.
My Little Girl so small and sweet,
Those tiny hands and tiny feet.
Everyday I watch you grow,
You teach me everything I know.
Such a joy to be around,
Every smile and every sound.
Number one you will stay,
Each and every single day.
You changed my life in such good ways,
”Thank You” is all that I can say.
I love to watch you sleep at night,
Cuddled warm and wrapped up tight.
As I blink the time it flies,
It breaks my heart to see you cry.
I gave you life, so proud to say,
I’ll love you more with every day.
My little Girl so small and sweet,
For you my heart, It beats and beats.

© Shauna Scott

Aarshia and mama




  1. Thanks Nataly castillo for reading. I guess all mothers can feel the pain, share the love and count the blessings that are showered on us..