I Am Not Down Syndrome: I Am Me, I Am Myself !


Another beautiful post in the form of a poem from my dear friend Aswathi.  She has poured her heart out writing about societal misconceptions as well as the often ignored beautiful qualities of the special people in our lives. Please stop by to have a read and drop a comment to show the encouragement to this brave new mother.



Our society is always apprehensive about the capabilities of a child with special needs. Honestly speaking, as parents there are a lot of instances when we ourselves doubt the level of success that our children can achieve.

Avantika, my daughter has always been a fighter. She never gives up on anything until she gets it right.  Her indomitable spirit has always inspired me and changed the way I look at personal challenges. I wrote these lines as a voice for Avantika and all our children with special needs. Hope you all will like it!



 I may look different to some if not all,

But a cute grin and in love with me you will surely fall.

I may be slow to walk or slow to run,

But I always scintillate like a rising sun.

I may speak slurred or slow,

But the effort it takes me, you will never know.

I may not be as clever or smart,

But what I have is an accepting and beautiful heart.

I may not always understand the games that you play,

But I sense your feelings even before you say.

I may have my good and bad days

But I always do my best, no matter my delays

I Am Not Down Syndrome,

I Am Me; I Am Myself.


I have the same dreams and the same aspirations.

But to know that you will need some patience.

I have the same feelings and the same emotions,

But please don’t look at me with a mind of pre notions.

I have the same expectations and the same rights,

But for that I always have to put up strong fights.

I Am Not Down Syndrome.

I Am Me; I Am Myself.


I love it when you stop by and talk

Even if you don’t, away from you I’ll never walk.

I will always be there for you,

Through thick and thin, I’ll see you through.

A hug of mine can always make your day,

For which I expect no return or pay.

My family and friends are my lifeline.

Around them, I feel like I am on cloud nine.

My parents always tell me that Iam the best,

And to have me, they are truly blessed.

I love myself and everything about me,

Because there is so much more than your eyes can see.

I Am Not Down Syndrome.

I Am Me; I Am Myself.


“I don’t set out to be different. I set out to be ME, people think it’s different”

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(This article is also a tribute to my aunt Suguna who lost her battle to cancer a few days back. She was a huge encouragement for all my literary pursuits. A beautiful person to everyone who knew her, she leaves behind a lifetime of wonderful memories. It was truly a blessing to have been born her niece)




  1. Grateful that doctors made me understand after his birth that it was not my fault or anybody else s. Yes, there was the initial shock, the why me?

  2. True feelings of a child so well expressed.

  3. Avatar Sonali Barshilia

    BRILLIANT! Well written Aswathi

  4. Nice, keep writing. Humans are meant to be creative .

  5. Avatar M.SreedeviHaridas

    lovely poem and good awarness….Love and Gratitude..Many Blessings on your journey

    • Wow!! I love this!! Thankyou for sharing!!