Down Syndrome Doesn’t Define My Daughter

Finally! the hard work paid. Aarshia read the entire book on her own! Mom floating in the air already.
Project ‘reading’ phase one completed. Best part, the entire thing didn’t even take 4 days. Repeated the new words through flash cards 3 times a day for 3 days and she did it ! Also had a great confidence booster when Aarshia’s teacher told me that she read the book in front of her entire class! without forgetting even a single word, the whole class cheered for her and she was laughing, basking in the glory. This was the first time my darling did something like this.

To show her appreciation, the teacher shared my book on her board in the class.


A great week for mama…

And with this euphoric feeling I want to share a poem I wrote long time ago..

                                It doesnt matter..

“Down”or up, is just a thought

If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.
What matters is love..

unconditional, unpretentious, plain simple old love..
In my heart, u’ ll always be,
The little angel that has come in our life,
To spread laughter, hugs and lots of smiles.

Now I know the people I didn’t know,
Going on the same journey with the same fears,
That I had once,but not anymore,
For I know you are my strength and courage..
And We will rock, I am sure!

Lets try to make this world a little better than what it is
Accept all with no prejudices.
Coz all I know is you, rest nothing matters
“Down” or just a thought, if you don’t doesn’t matter

And with this poem…
Here is the video that has Aarshia reading the book on her own…


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