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My Own Books: Dolch Word List Book ( Pre Primary- level 1)




This is what ‘Natalie Hale’ from special reads says about our books…

“Few educators understand as well as Deepa what it takes to engage a child with special needs in the joy of reading. I am delighted that she has created a set of emergent reading books designed for children raised in the Indian culture. Bravo! I wish every culture had such a specialized resource to offer their emergent readers! Not only are these stories generic to the everyday life of a child in India, but she has faithfully reproduced the ideal “Brain-Friendly” format that I teach around the world. Each detail of the books is designed to be easily grasped and retained by the brain: the large type, the separation of type from pictures, double spacing between words…all of these elements work beautifully to help our children learn quickly. Nothing motivates a young reader like stories about themselves, and these books do just that. Ample space is provided for personal snapshots to be included, and the result is a treasure for the child. Motivation is key in learning to read, and these books are just what’s needed to make that happen.”

-Natalie Hale  (Special Reads for Special Needs)

Author: Down Syndrome Parenting 101

MY OWN BOOK- The Idea Behind

The My Own Book series have been created keeping in mind the primary factor in engaging the reader: MOTIVATION & PERSONALISATION! We believe that the door to learning swings open most easily when the child learns by reading about the things he loves the most: him or herself, his family, friends and interests! The good news is that while your child is busy reading about the things he loves in this personal book, he is secretly acquiring 40 Pre primary HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS ( Dolch word list) along with 54 HIGH INTEREST WORDS!

The book is highly customizable. From the ‘Name’ of the child to the ‘Members of the family’ and child’s favourite items can be added easily to make it interesting for the reader. By purchasing this book you are not only giving your child an individualised book of his own, you are also helping him/her to take a huge leap into the world of independent reading!

About Deepa

Deepa is an educator with an experience of over 10 years. She is also a writer, a researcher and  a parent of a daughter with Down syndrome. Her passion and interest in everything related to parenting and education led her to create www.twominuteparenting.com. Through her blogs and other published work, she reaches out to parents across continents. Her experience in pedagogy and her keep research into best practices of teaching reading to children with Down syndrome and other special needs have resulted in ‘ My Own Book’ series. She hopes that you and your child enjoy this beautiful journey of reading.




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