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Skype Consultation (45m)

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for One-on-One Advice

Deepa is an educator with over 9 years of experience. She is passionate about teaching reading and has been trained by ‘Natalie Hale’ of Special Reads in the same. Over the last few years, Deepa has helped many parents learn the strategies and methods involved in teaching reading to children with Down Syndrome and other special needs. She truly believes that READING is a life skill and we must teach our children to READ.

By purchasing this Skype consult with Deepa,  you’ll be able to get advice based on your learner’s age, ability, strengths and challenges and your reading goals.

If your child has been struggling with reading, you’ll be able to understand how you could change certain things to suit the individual needs of your child with this personal consultation.

Phone consultations are prorated based on an hourly fee.After you buy the Skype session, you will be contacted within 48 hours to set up a phone appointment.




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