5 Awesome Ways To Not Yell At Your Kids!!


Yelling comes naturally to all of us. This is one trait that no parent have to learn. But stopping it, is a skill that takes time and patience. Today when the world is learning and unlearning new ways of parenting, we as parents are at a stop shop and don’t know what to say or do, so our kids become the people we want them to become, without a memory of an always shouting parent.

A research at university of Pittsburgh says that ” Yelling is as bad and as hitting or spanking” but the truth is that we parents don’t know any better. We don’t want to scar them intentionally and we love them but in absence of a better solution, we are at a loss when temper rises and blood starts to boil.
What to do in such a situation?

I tried asking some mothers what do they do and also searched the most conventional ways, which can help us control the screaming and shouting. This video is a result of all that I learnt in the process. The ideas might seem a little impractical or unheard of, but isn’t that the motive. The older ways of stopping, screaming and punishing are not working or have never really worked.

If you have any comment or a feedback, do write in the comments section. The learning is always two ways and in all probability you might have an idea that you’d like to share with us.

Thanks in advance for watching the video


Aarshia and Mama