Hear This 9 Year Old’s Take On Parenting! A Must Watch!


We all believe in supremacy of our thoughts, especially us, the parents. We believe that just because we are parents, we know it all. We know what is right, what is wrong and what is best for our children. We think we know the world and the ways to survive in it. We believe in the complexity of our thoughts and how the children would never understand the intricate weaving patterns of our complicated, twisted and prejudiced views on life. But do you know the truth? We are wrong! Most of the time we work through the limited and partial knowledge we have, we believe more in the realities of life than the dreams of the heart. We tell them to do what we have been told to do, and we can never understand their simplified take on everything in life.  But look closely and ask yourself if this is what we wanted for them? Is this all we are supposed to do? Should we not listen to those tiny people and really really listen to what they want, need or dream about.

I recently got hold of this three year old video where I asked my 9 year old about his views on freedom and why does he think the parents need to change their ways. His words shocked me, startled me. He gave me such great life lesson in this short video that I couldn’t do anything but share it with you all to have a look about the unadulterated world of our precious little people.

aarya and mama

My favourite line is ‘children are animals and parents are hunters’! I never thought my 9 year old would be this vivid when describing the parents and their parenting techniques. I thought, our children are too young, too novice and too amateur to know things but when I paid a little attention I was surprised with the kind of knowledge and insightful information these little monsters have.


This video is pretty old and was recorded on an old phone but more than the video quality, I would like you to listen to this young boy’s ideas on parenting, hobby classes, success and money and I assure you that he is going to make you question few things in your own life.

Thanks for watching.