Happy Father’s Day

Little boy and soldier in a military uniform say goodbye before a separation

I’m really excited to share something special with all of you today. Recently, my 12-year-old surprised me with a rap poem/song that he wrote. While much of his writing revolves around typical teenage topics like school, friends, and exams, this particular piece stood out to me for its depth of emotion and reflection. I was truly taken aback by his thought and creativity. It’s moments like these that remind me of the incredible capacity of young minds to express themselves in unique and powerful ways. Without further ado, I’m proud to present his work to you all. I hope you find it as touching and inspiring as I did. Enjoy!

Especially dedicated to the brave soldiers who fight for us:

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Firearms in his arms,

Never thought he’d come so far

But there he is, protecting us

Cuts to the face, bullets to the guts

But he, that soldier doesn’t retreat

He never believes he’s beat

He’s going to keep attacking till he can

Until he gets those intruders off his land

But they have a nuclear arsenal

That doesn’t stop our soldiers being an obstacle

It’s remarkable, phenomenal

How they do something impossible

He’s on the ground, his life is at stake

But nothing can stop him, not even an quake

He’s gonna keep firing till he gets those people out

Even if it takes weeks, he’s gonna fight throughout

He’s never gonna give up, that’s for sure

He’s gonna take every bullet and endure

If it means it’ll keep everyone safe and secure

And if he goes down, he goes down with honour

But he’s not dying, atleast not tonight

Because till his last breathe, he’s gonna fight

He’s gonna defend our country and our right

To sleep happily without any fright

He’s been shot twice, but he isn’t going down

He knows going down means he’ll let down the town

His side’s already lost so many men

And everyone wants this nightmare to end

But the courageous Captain isn’t surrendering

He’s gonna keep firing till he got bullets in that thing

And that’s when he gets to know the painful truth

There’s only one way to save the country’s youth

He puts on a heavy jacket and zips it to the top

And he jumps over the barricade but he’s shot

He takes a bullet to the chest, and mutters,’Goodbye son’

The jacket was a bomb, and ‘the battlefield is stunned!’

The bomb goes off and enemy all die

And it’s a pain he didn’t say his goodbye

The Captain’s wife cries when she gets the country’s flag

But the seventeen year old son observes from the back

A tribute for all the brave men is organised

Where they say great things about the people who fought

Who were brave, courageous and were taught

To never give up in the enemy’s face

The soldiers had battled nights and days

Everybody seemed to cry, except the Captain’s son

The way his dad died, that gave him something to learn

The next day, the mother woke up with a note next to her

It said in black ink,’To my beautiful mother’

The boy had went off to become a soldier

For sitting around, doing nothing made him feel tortured

The kid trained all day in the scorching sun

And when he recieved his badge, he smiled and said,

‘Thank you Papa. But now it’s my turn’

Image Source: www.daddysays.com