Free Modified Monster, Inc. Book For Children With Special Needs



From the time I saw my daughter watching and enjoying Monster, Inc, I wanted to make a book for her on the same. It has always worked for me. Personal books have always been an important and integral part of my daughter’s reading progress and I believe they can do the same for any other child with special needs. While it seems there is nothing personal about a movie, we adults tend to underestimate the emotions our children invest in each film they watch and love to watch again.

I have made several personal books for her in the past, being a teacher have always come handy to me. The earlier books were mostly about the family and the things she likes but this is the first book I made for her by modifying a movie she absolutely enjoyed. She is going to be 8 soon, is in the first grade and happens to have Down syndrome.

This book took me a little longer than the other books since I had to take a lot of factors in consideration. The most important was to make sure she understands the story and can also identify with the sequence of events, she had watched in the movie, but the biggest challenge of it all was to make sure that the sentences were short, simple and easy to read and comprehend.

I would also like to give a special thanks to ‘Natalie Hale’ of special reads for special needs for helping me with the book and suggesting  a few changes which made it even better for our children.

My daughter is ecstatic and can’t read it enough times and I thought it would be a great read for other children with special needs who have liked the movie.

So if you too have a child with Down syndrome and other developmental delays and if he/she is a fan of the movie Monster, Inc, you have got yourself a New Year gift from us Absolutely FREE!

A few tips to remember

  • You can read aloud the book to your child if he/she is not yet comfortable with all the words.


  • Don’t make it complicated for your child by using the book as a ‘Test’. Don’t ask him/her to decode all the words (unless he is comfortable). Give it some time. Once your child feel he understands the story and the text is too easy to read. He might surprise you!


  • Try and make flash cards of the words which the child is yet to master.


  • Make it an enjoyable experience. If your child hasn’t seen the movie in a long time, don’t introduce the book yet. First let him watch the movie and then let him explore the book.


  • You can ask easy questions for comprehension ( only if your child is ready) for example; Which monster had one eye? or What was the name of the little girl? for older children the questions can be a little more advanced like Where did Sulley find the girl?


  • You can make books on other films that your child likes to watch but be very careful and keep it simple ( Trust me there is a lot of  science and research behind it)

Monsters Inc.


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