Sparking Creativity In Children With Right Toys

“Toys are children’s words and play is their language.” – Garry L Landreth

Toys and play is mostly looked upon as an escape from learning. This can’t be far from truth. Play is serious learning. Play is children’s work and the toys their partner. Good toys and play help children learn unconsciously and effortlessly as opposed to forced learning that we create artificially in schools.

Decades of research has proved that the ‘best learning happens by doing.’ When children create something they remember it better and understand it more than when they only read about it.  ‘Learning by doing’ also help reinforce the imagination  and adaptive skills which are few of the crucial skills to teach our children in this fast changing and demanding world. That is why parents are always on look out for toys and play activities which help children think, build or create on their own.  The ‘active’ play activities are far more engaging and help facilitate learning than the ‘passive’ ones like mobile gaming or sitting in front of the TV.

#HotWheels has always adapted itself with changing times and its tracks multi functionality has been inspiring children to put their thinking hats on and create something new every single time.

Look at this astonishing video of #MadStuffWithRob about #BuildWithHotWheels where he has created this angry bubbling volcano with paper, tissues, fevicol and colours is outstanding! Not just the volcano, the whole setting is genius and the children can learn how with the right toys, tools and imagination; creativity can run wild.

If you are feeling inspired already, you have a great opportunity to take your children to meet Rob on 13th November 2016 from 5pm to 7pm at Phoenix Market City Kurla, Mumbai and witness the real creativity challenge where he will use more than 50 track set boxes and create one massive 25 feet installation which will comprise of different terrains – City, Desert, Volcano, Underwater & Forest. A feat never achieved before, this installation will definitely be awe-inspiring.

I am sure your children will not only love this but will come back inspired and charged with enthusiasm. You can also share their videos and pictures with Rob on official HotWheels Facebook page or on his social Media pages.


David Perlmutter, a famous American doctor once said,”Children need to be exploring their physical world. They need to be learning the fundamental laws of physics by manipulating objects.” He couldn’t have said it better. By manipulating toys that spark interest and imagination, children learn the best and when learning takes place in such a conducive environment, the results come in the shape of ‘lifelong learning!’