Special Reads For Special Needs

Special Reads For Special Needs


Is a workshop designed to help parents and other caregivers on teaching reading to children with special needs. This program draws from years of innovation and research to provide developmentally appropriate strategies to make a reader out of a child with special needs.

The focus of this workshop is to bring to the audience a synthesis of the strategies which are time-proven and a combination of the most successful methods, which include the long-established work of Down Syndrome Education International ( and its USA branch), Glenn Doman’s IAHP ( Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential), Robert Doman’s NACD ( National association of Child Development) as well as the extensive work of Patricia Oelwein ( author, Teach Reading to children with Down Syndrome) and the work of Canada’s DS Research Foundation. The workshop will also share the extensive research and methodologies by ‘Deepa Garwa,’ a reading consultant, educator, founder ‘Two Minute Parenting’ and a parent herself.This one day workshop will offer an insight into a well researched methodology and an effective technique to teach reading to learners of any age with Down syndrome and other diagnoses involving developmental delays.

Our Testimonials From Last Year



“Initially I believed the workshop would only cover sight reading strategies but that was just the tip of the iceberg. It was a large overview of how our brain learns to read and how can we facilitate that process for our children. Along with many interesting ways for introducing reading. strategies on comprehension, techniques to motivate learners of all ages through personal books and ways to increase fluency and comprehension in reading were explained. I have implemented these methods on my students and have excellent outcomes. Thanks Natalie and Deepa.”

-Richa Kapoor, Hear-Sensitivity Early Intervention Centre & Child’s Skill Enhancement Clinic, Consultant OT/Sir Ganga Ram Hospital & Max Healthcare Delhi)


“A very creative and highly recommended workshop for parents and teachers to help kickstart their children’s reading habit. My son who is 16, loves to read the stories that I churn out based on his daily life experiences, Natalie’s ideas are simple, easily doable on a continuous basis and a very joyful experience for the story writer.”

-Geetha Narayanswamy, Parent


“Reading with Natalie Hale, was a completely different experience. It was not a mother of down syndrome child teaching us to learn sorted concept of reading but her approach that just gave me results. The systematic reading sequence and the idea of making individual book(s), is the USP of her reading program. And remember, it is as fun for the kid as it is for you. Must learn for educators and therapists who are dealing with children with low intellectual functioning, reading difficulties. Natalie’s approach won’t only be unique, but its amalgamation to already studied and applied classic ways to teaching reading and can give you unbelievable results.”

– Smridhi kapoor, Special Educator

” Natalie Hale’s reading workshop has enabled me as a parent to take the necessary steps towards getting my son to read. He is now almost finishing book 2 of a series of 3. The methodology is simple to implement easily at home and at school and extremely effective.” 

-Parul Kala, Parent

About The Workshop


Evidence-based, established methodologies will be taught to teach reading to children with Down Syndrome and other developmental delays.

Learn how to:

  •  Create the most effective reading material and modify readily available materials to suit the individual needs and interests of the child
  • Teach non-verbal children, children on the autism spectrum, and older non-readers
  • Understand the science behind teaching reading, the common challenges, and the proven ways to overcome obstacles.
  • Practice other essential and practical strategies like: –
  • Creating the personal books and modifying the trade(popular)books
  • Fast flash method of teaching
  • Errorless testing
  • Sight word learning and phonemic awareness
  • Optimal order of learning to read
  •  Engaging motivation
  •  Comprehension and fluency techniques
  • Alternate and interesting ways to sustain the interest of the child
  • Free resources and apps

If You Are A Parent

of a young, teenager or an adult with special needs and want to give your child the gift of reading then reach out to us. We believe there is no age to learn reading and with this workshop you’d be able to help your child without depending only on teachers and special educators. Come and be empowered! Takeaway from the workshop: • A 57 page instruction material. •Level 1 book FREE from the series of ‘My Own Books’ to immediately start implementing reading.

If You Are A Professional

If you are a teacher, special educator, counsellor or occupational therapist, you will learn this excellent technique to help the children struggling with reading and later inclusion. Takeaway from the workshop: •A 57 page instruction material. •Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 books FREE from the series of ‘My Own Books’ to immediately start implementing reading. 


New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ludhiana


About Natalie


Natalie Hale is an award-winning author, Reading educator and consultant, reading program developer, parent of an adult son with Down syndrome (Jonathan, 30), and for over 20 years, a national speaker on the topic of teaching reading to learners with Down syndrome and other developmental delays. Her most recent book was published by Woodbine House: “Down Syndrome Parenting 101: Must-Have Advice for Making Your Life Easier,” which won the Best Special Needs Parenting Book of 2012 About.com Reader’s Choice Award. Also through Woodbine House is her workbook for teens and adults titled, “Managing My Money: Banking and Budgeting Basics.” Her book for siblings, “Oh, Brother! Growing Up With a Special Needs Sibling,” was published by the American Psychological Association. 


The seats at all the venues are being filled fast! If you’ve searching for the techniques that WILL make a change get registered fast! Please inform any parent or professional who you think is going to get benefit from the training and spread the word for our special people!




  1. Dear Deepa, I work as an educational therapist at Blore. I missed the workshop at bangalore on the special reads. Do keep me posted on the future workshops or if there is any material on the present one.
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