A Therapist Hitting The Child? Utterly Outrageous !

Last week My daughter Aarshia came back crying from the school. I asked what’s wrong but all she could tell me was some name I couldn’t make sense of. So I decided to go to the school next day. There, another child told me how a girl pulled her hair and pushed her on the floor. I recalled and realised that Aarshia was actually trying to tell me the name of the same girl. I met her, asked her why she hit Aarshia and told her how it is not good to hit your friends.
I was angry, not with the child but with the teachers for not paying attention and letting that happen during school hours. I conveyed the whole incident and asked them to be careful in the future. I was feeling rather helpless with the fact that my daughter still can’t communicate whatever she wants to, when I got to know about this horrible incident on Facebook.
When I first read about it, it made my palms sweat and heart skip a beat but it was only until I actually saw the video. I can’t describe or possible write how angry and hurt I felt after watching this. I felt sick in the stomach. Like really really sick!
This is possibly the worst thing ever. I was so upset about my little girl being pushed by another pre-schooler and here is the person who is in charge of the therapy, who is supposed to be sensitive, educated and trained to handle our kids. Who has probably been with so many other children (It sickens me even more to think about the other children he has done the same thing to) and he is being paid for the atrocities he has been doing. God!! I don’t know where and how we as a society are going wrong. He is just a child of 3 years, that too one, who cannot possibly complain to his mother.
After watching this I immediately went and hugged my daughter. As parents, we all have probably done this on more than one occasion where we have left the child alone with the therapist. I’ve done that too but thankfully, I’ve always been outside the room listening to whatever is happening and I used to feel stupid about being so crazy to hover around but not anymore.
Mothers, I am not saying that everybody is a bad person or we should stop trusting the therapists but please don’t leave your kids alone and if you have to, then put up a camera or just be around. Keep an eye, read the signs. Imagine the damage this man has done to this child and the poor mother.
Do watch the video and raise your voice in any way that you can. Either by sharing the video or writing about it.
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