A Must Know App If You Are Teaching Reading!

Down syndrome or no down syndrome, reading is one skill we all parents want to instil in our children. Books being your best friend, it is something that will remain with them for life and help them immensely in the future. The good part is that living in today’s time has given us multiple avenues to explore the ways with which we can help facilitate their learning process, technology being one of them.  

The technology has created a world of resources that has helped and is still helping our children. Be it creative maths, online flash cards, talking books or innovative apps. Things like iPad have changed the way our children learn.
When I see Aarshia playing “Temple run 2” I am surprised to see her  reflexes being used to the fullest. She runs, jumps, take turns, at just the right moments. I cannot possibly play that game or anything like that. She plays “subway surfers” like she owns it and I keep getting awestruck with those little fingers doing the manoeuvring.

Academically too, it’s been my best investment so far. Flash cards, word games, phonics, stories and many such smart applications have made her learn better.
In the following video I would like to tell you about an app that has helped me a great deal for her reading. As I’ve mentioned that I started with flash cards and then some simple home made books “My Family”. Later she moved on to “Peter and Jane” and then this is the latest that she is reading

App name : Story Creator
 It is an absolutely great app which is free and gives you many options like recording and editing your voice, uploading any picture you might like and customising the book as per the need and level of the child. 

Happy Reading
Aarshia and Mama