Top 5 Gifts For This Children’s Day

‘Children are not things to be moulded, but people to be unfolded’ -Jess Lair

How insightful! Childhood explained in a single sentence. Sometimes I wonder if in the race to become the best parents in our circles, do we let children be children any more? 

They are kept busy like corporate honchos from morning till evening. School, coaching, hobby classes, confidence building classes, communication classes, sports and what not! Sometimes they lead far busier lives than most adults, not really getting to be a child but an adult in the making.

Occasions like Children’s day help us bring back the attention on these little people and see if we are really letting them be the uncut diamonds they are! Though Children’s Day is widely recalled and recognised as a day of celebration, this celebration remains mostly restricted to schools. Parents treat this day as a school event and don’t really celebrate it at home. 

How wonderful would it be if this day can also be celebrated at home with equal enthusiasm! When parents would leave their tiger, helicopter, dolphin parenting style for a day and just make it all about the children. Giving them surprises, gifts, time and everything they don’t expect from them, especially without it being their birthday.

If you too find this idea of creating some fond memories, a great opportunity, do accept our warm wishes for trying because it isn’t an easy task being a parent and you are going to be an excellent one, after you try a few of our gift ideas…


A wise man once said, “you can’t buy happiness but you can buy chocolates and that’s kind of the same thing.” As parents, we are always worried about their teeth, their sugar intake, their meal timings and are never really happy to see a chocolate in their hands. Let’s compare it to our own childhood; back in our days, we probably had more candies than our little ones will ever have and we still have all our teeth and turned out rather fine even with all those tantalising, delightful, addictive, super smooth, luscious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates that we ate all through growing up. 

BTW loved their new commercial

Coming back to a gift on children’s day. How about gifting them the same thing from your childhood or something that they don’t expect to get from you? A box of comfort in the shape of Cadbury’s chocolates (sans the instruction to not eat it). And then you can wait for the tightest hug to continue even after you open the box!


A Short Trip

You must’ve taken them to all the nearby malls, McDonalds, water parks, cinema halls or other fancy places but have you taken your child to the light and sound show of Lal-Quila, The Old Fort, The Science Museum (which has robotic dinosaurs), Gandhi museum, Rail museum and other many such places in Delhi. Similar places are in all the states but since they don’t sound as fancy on Facebook, we don’t consider them. But take my advice and try them this Children’s Day! They are inexpensive and will offer amazing experiences and exposure for your child and a great memory in the time lane.

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Watching A Movie, But With A Twist:

When did you last watched a film with your child without getting distracted by your phone! If you are still thinking, this can be a great Children’s Day gift. But there is a twist. Don’t go to the cinema hall! Rent a projector, stream your child’s favourite film, get some popcorn and pizza and immerse yourself in the laughter and smile of your child for a few hours! I can assure you that they’ll not forget this experience any time soon!


Mystery Rooms

If you haven’t paid a visit to them, you are missing something splendid. If you believe in spending on experiences than things, go try this fun one hour with mystery rooms near you. They are a little high on the price front, but for a real life experience and one hour of thinking, figuring out codes, key combinations and other detective stuff, it is totally worth it. This children’s day, evoke your child’s adventure spirit and pay a visit to mystery rooms.

P.S.: Mystery rooms are advisable mostly for Tweens and teens.


Overnight Camping

In your own house! Go to Pinterest and find some good ideas about turning your whole living room or garden into some sort of camping area. Use bedsheets, dupattas or any other stuff you can use to make it a real experience. Build up the day for the amazing camping night; create the atmosphere, dim the lights, tell scary stories, eat Dairy Milk chocolates, take pictures and make it a fun Children’s Day (and night!)

Hope these ideas will help you connect with your child because they love it when we forget being our usual self and become kids with them. Of course, we can’t do it every day but let’s do it this year on Children’s Day!