What Parents Do that they don’t think they do or say- A 12 year Old’s Killer Observations


No laptop for over 2 hours, while using it for 3 themselves

Yeah, it might sound a little sarcastic but that’s the truth. I am in middle of an Online Seasons Match in FIFA and my mom asks me to shut the game off. I try to explain how EA will increase my DNF and how the opponent would get a 3-0 win and how I could get relegated but well, moms are moms. ‘SHUT IT DOWN!’ and finish your homework.

I go out to get myself a glass of water and come back to see my mom hanging out on Facebook.  Come on!  I could have finished that game!!

‘Because I said so!’

All the moms (practically all) would at some point in the day say ‘Because I said so’. That’s such an invalid argument. Don’t I have a choice in whether the family goes to a water park or a stupid romantic movie where half of the audience is crying including my mom with the loudest sobs? ( btw I don’t like both). All (again, practically all) things we do in the day are decided by her. ‘No, you can’t take your PSP’ there, ‘No, we can’t have burgers for dinner’, ‘No, we have to go to my mom’s house’, No, you can’t have snacks at this time, and so many phrases which practically can’t be argued against because she has the best argument, Because I said so!! I mean who can argue with that? even my dad can’t!


‘You are my coochie poochie poo!’

So where I learn football, we have weekly matches on Saturdays. One Saturday we had gone to this school for a match where we were totally in the game and leading 2-0 at half time. we were all kind of celebrating when suddenly, my team mate’s mom comes and says ‘Sweetheart, eat something’ ( in the middle of half time!) And my friend turned red (who wouldn’t!).

He kept saying ‘No’ but the mom was constantly after him. ‘I have stuffed aloo paranthas for you!’ Please eat some, Sweety!! Really! Sweety!  Also when we lost the match ( which I totally blame on her because after that incident, we couldn’t concentrate. We were busy laughing) she tried hugging my friend in PUBLIC! to console him! OMG! that was epic! From that day on, his new school ‘pet’ name is Sweety 😉  Moms! Try and understand, a 12 year old boy being called ‘sweety’ or ‘baby’ and being chased by his mom for not eating and being hugged in public looks pretty bad!

ashamed boy

Too much care can be harmful

We had a 3 day trip from the school to Sariska, a wild life sanctuary, in another state.  It was not too far off (250 km) but the mother of my friend definitely did not know that.

We sat in our bus and were playing games, talking, enjoying etc. When we saw our friend boarding the bus with 3 bags. I tried telling him it’s a 3 days trip, not 3 months but soon I got the answer. As soon as we started eating, we took out one tiffin or two. But my poor friend. He had brought food supplies for a FORTNIGHT (practically). And we thought, the weird part was her inconsolable mother, when we were boarding the bus.

Seeing his tiffin was the weirdest.  It was as if his mother had predicted us getting lost in the woods. He had nuts, mathhis (Indian snack that can be stored for ages), gujiyas ( Indian sweet delicacy), 3 types of sandwiches, pasta and much more ( only for the journey!). Btw the school was supposed to provide us all the meals. The poor boy also got some looks from the teachers because somebody complained about some foul smell from his bag the next day ( some uneaten pasta) Moms, Mercy!


Fake Sports loving Mothers 

I was watching a football match between Arsenal and Reading ( a die-hard Arsenal fan) when Arsenal was losing 0-2. It was pretty sad, but my mum came to console me and sat beside me to give me some company and then the ordeal started ( I know she is not into sports and I am ok with it) but learning all the sports on the day of a nail biting match is a little too much by any standards.  I realised a little later that I would rather have my team lose 0-100 to a rival than watch a match with my mother again.

The whole time, she kept asking me, ‘Who is that?’, ‘Why does he have that silly haircut’, ‘Why is it a foul’, ‘What is the meaning of a yellow card’, Why are people so crazy about this game? Do you also want to be a footballer? Are you sure? Phew!!  Ultimately, a 45 minute phone call from her friend saved the day and my match! Mom, I get it that you don’t get it! It’s fine! I don’t get most of the things you say!


Weird Options Mother

My friend’s mother gives him weird options. The kind that he can’t choose from and she does it mostly in front of us, friends ( we like it so much!). So whenever we are heading out to play with our stuff and there is a little mess in his room, she asks him to put it back and when he says he will do it after he comes back, she asks him if he would like to do it ‘with spanking or without spanking‘!

The point to note is that she is not  really leaving a choice for him. Does she? My mother does it too but she is little different. she would ask if I would like to clean my room before I go to play. When I say I will do it later, she says that she is telling, not asking!! but wasn’t that a question? sometimes mothers are really hard to understand. poor dad!





  1. I could not stop laughing. I know this is how my children feel but yet I insist on still doing these things. I think that lunches for trips are the worse. I dont believe in creating waste, so when tyey get off the busses most times they are always the only ones who still have their lunch bags. I psvk lunches like they will never return.

    • You are right Natasha. I was in splits when I read my son’s observations about mothers. I share the same feeling about packing lunch but after reading his pointer I know I would be careful in future:) Kids are our best critique and the good part is when they do it in fun.Thanks for visiting dear.

  2. I have to share this with my kids. They will so crack up and start with the finger pointing. But seriously, Mom’s aren’t that bad, are they?

    • Thanks dear for writing. I was so happily shocked reading the observatory article and I could foresee how kids all over are going to identify with it. No, how can moms be bad, they can’t be bad they just try to be more friendly, show more care but sometimes can go a little overboard. Thanks a lot for stopping by and writing.

  3. Ohhh…we didn’t realise whn v mothers do these to our kids but how true are they…oh my poor girls…..amazing observations of this young rising writer ..our best wishes…hoping to get more write ups from the writer as i m curious to know more from his perspective.

    • Thanks a ton Parul for writing. You are right we mothers don’t realise it when we do these to our kids and never expect them to observe and write about it:)