What To Say To That Stranger With Special Needs ?

‘Oooh!’ She is so adorable, very pretty,  a voice raved,  gushing about a toddler dressed in her fuchsia dress ..How old is she? Another voice came..the proud mother replied 10 months. Wow! She is very active for a 10 months old” she is walking already ! said another aunty, rolling eyes, while shaking her head in utter disbelief”
you tend to ignore such casual interactions taking place in a kids section at a shopping mall,  but when you notice another mother with a  two and half year old down syndrome child, who is still learning to walk, standing in close proximity of that conversation, trying to pretend, not hearing it at all, your heart goes all out for her, and for that child. Especially if you too have a child with a similar disability at home. You feel angry, when people just look through that child, as if he/she is invisible. Some would just look, and keep looking as if, by looking closely, the right diagnosis of the problem of the child would be flashed in their head by some magic waves and they will be able to cure it then and there.
I know before Aarshia was born, I too used to look at the disability as if it was meant for others  though I believe, I was always extra sensitive but never really cared to know more.
And I am also sure, lot of people who do not have any special need person in their inner circle, do get uncomfortable in their presence, it is not always because of insensitivity, but more because of lack of awareness. They don’t know, how are they supposed to behave or what should they say or do, when they see such a child in a market place, theatre, road or in their neighbourhood?

So today Mama feel like writing a quick guide for all my friends, their friends and others to tell you, what to do/say or what not to do /say, when you see that special someone in the crowd..

1. Simply smile– This is the easiest thing to do. Without saying a word, you have made the effort, extended a hand, got over that awkwardness and gave somebody a reason to smile back. Takes nothing, brings back loads !!

2. Don’t glance away or ignore intentionally – The truth is, lot of people are bad actors than they think they are and don’t think, these little rascals can’t understand your indifference. they can! Treat them normally. Nobody is asking you to take them home with you , and also according to a recent survey,
‘A friendly hello has not killed anybody so far :)’

3. Don’t change aisles: people do that. they might think that the

So next time, lets all be a little sensitive.

At the end, I would only like to say that I am blessed in a way, that most of my friends and family members are sensitive human beings and others around me are in a process of becoming one. Hope now you know, what to do, next time when you see somebody ” a little extra special” Remember

Simply smile!!