The Power Of Creative Play With #HotWheels

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”


Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. A child’s creativity fosters mental growth by creating an environment for trying new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Creative play helps widen the child’s mind for more possibilities, teach them to take chances, think out of the box, and collaborate and shape their visual and thinking abilities. Playing with creativity not only develops each child’s unique perspective and individual style of expression, it also helps build their imaginations, while they exercise their power of choice and decision making in the activity they engage in.

Any play which makes a child explore, learn, question, experiment or create something new, results in making the child more in touch with his/her creative side.  Hot Wheels Track Sets poses similar creative challenge to a child. The best part about all Hot Wheel Sets is that one never has to play with these cars the same way again EVER! Rob has shown us many times how some super-awesome models can be created around them with #BuildWithHot Wheels series.

If you haven’t already watched the videos, you are missing out on some real fun! Watch them here

A DIY activity helps children explore the creative genius in them and with the right toys, guidance and no holds barred imaginations, just like what Rob did, they can explore the unexplored territories and create a new world everyday.

Rob’s recent DIY video of ultra cool water world with #Sharkattack was full of fantasy, imagination and creative play. This amazing video has brought another dimension to ‘the learning made easy through play.’


How a new terrain #BuildWithHotWheels can help your child learn:

  1. Open-ended play brings out the creativity:  which results in better imagination, question asking abilities, problem solving skills and better self-expression. A Hot Wheels Set works like a blocks set. Just like with the same set of blocks, the possibilities are endless, there is no limit to what a child can make. It could be a tower, a house, road or even a monster with the same blocks. Similarly, with the same Hot Wheels set, your child can learn to engage in creative expressions and can make different terrains, a few examples have already been shared by Rob in his previous videos.
  1. Learning focus and commitment: Children get truly creative when they have the freedom to commit themselves completely to the vision they have. By exploring their creative and imaginative side, they can fully immerse themselves into creating a new world with the ever expanding #HotWheels track sets.
  1. Building scientific aptitude: When children engage through asking questions, analysing situations and working towards solutions through logical methods, they learn to develop scientific aptitude. Hot Wheels tracks and cars, which bring out the new technologies like the colour changing cars in cold and hot water, motion, speed, velocity, power booster mechanism etc. can help children go back and find out how and why that can happen. They learn to ask relevant questions and figure out and seek right answers.
  1. It reinforces their creative spirit: Nothing nourishes and reinforces the child’s creative spirit as indulging and engaging in self-directed play activities. it also helps develop each child’s unique perspective and individual style of creative expression. If your child has a keen interest in deserts, mountains, space, ocean or any other geographical terrain or scientific models, he/she can explore it best by combining the Hot Wheels track set with his favourite landscape. This would help him learn some great creative and geographical lessons.
  1. Endless possibilities: This is one of the best parts about Hot Wheels Tracks. They offer endless possibilities in the sense that these cars and tracks can be used to create a new world every single time. All one needs is some house hold items, some cardboard, colours, junk and loads of creativity. Such sets, once finished give child a sense of achievement and accomplishment which are helpful in building their confidence and self-respect.

What as parents or educators you need to take care

Be sure to offer children a wide range of creative materials and experiences:  Creativity isn’t only limited to drawing or painting. The possibilities are endless. It’s important to provide children lots of time to explore materials and finalise their ideas. This includes time to think about how to plan, design, construct, experiment and revise project ideas. Don’t push them into completing. Let them enjoy the process.

Believe in their vision: Children are natural builders. They are engineers with Hot Wheels, artists with paint, sculptors with clay and designers with junk. Don’t underestimate what they create. Each piece is a masterpiece.

Don’t dominate the play: A few parents get so actively engage in the play activity that they start dominating the activity. The play should be a result of the child’s imagination and not your direction. Stimulate and ignite the curiosity, not control it.

A simple looking DIY activity can have long lasting impacts and impressions on young minds. As parents and educators we need to not only encourage them into creating new worlds but also seek new challenges. This video by Rob is a great example of learning through play and creativity. Let’s decode it a little more.


A mega rally track, a turbo racer track set with a power booster kit and Hot Wheels colour shifter cars were used so innovatively that the whole experience seemed right out of a movie. Some cardboards, newspaper and Fevicol got turned into an underwater tunnel, the most beautiful treasure chest, an exact replica of a sunk ship made perfect with markers, tiny steering wheel and bamboo sticks were just some of the examples of super creative powers of Rob. What imagination and what motivation for young minds! The whole world of shark attack came alive with the colour shifter cars and the big scary shark mouth. This was simply spectacular!

Imagine what all your child will be learning if they create whole new structures and terrains. They can create new landscapes, unconventional backgrounds and then play with a sense of fulfilment.

If you are in the process of exploring the creative side of your child with these cool Hot Wheels Tracks, make sure to watch the spectacular DIY video of Rob and when you feel inspired, which would happen after seeing him in action, do share the pictures or videos of your creation with us. You can also let us know what world you plan to build around these tracks! Go on imagining, exploring and engaging into the process with your child and create not just a new world with these Hot Wheels track sets, but some memories too, and don’t forget to share the same with all of us!

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