The Chronicles Of Motherhood: The Doorbell, A Tired Mother And A Sleeping Baby

It’s a cozy winter afternoon. You have played with them till they got tired. Bathed them. Gave them a good oil massage. Fed them. Again played with them until their battery has drained fully, and finally… put them to bed. Children!! They can be exhausting sometimes.
As you hear the sweet sounds of their steadying breaths translating to deep sleep, your heart starts racing with the thought of that 30 minutes of ‘me’ time. Those 30 minutes in which you are free to do anything. And then you start dreaming how you would spend that sweet ‘me’ time. Your first task has to be getting back to that incomplete crossword (Dream level 1).
You have completed the crossword in no time and your hot water bath is ready. A long timeless shower that you deserved but have postponed since what seems like eternity. What an ecstasy!! (Dream level 2) You have finished that relaxing hot shower and a cup of hot coffee is waiting for you. You take the first sip. This must be what heaven feels like. (Dream level 3).
Suddenly, you see a tiny ripple in your cuppa. And then a big one. The earth starts vibrating. Even in your dream, you know exactly what is happening. You hear distant ringing of church bells. The coffee cup falls down and shatters. You fall down from your chair.
The levels of dreams have started collapsing. 
From Dream Level 3, you have fallen back into Dream level 2.
The hot shower turns into freezing cold waterfall, and the bathroom starts flooding. You drown into it. The church bells ringing louder and louder.
You are in Dream Level 1. 
The solved letters of crosswords start erasing themselves in front of your eyes. You can hear a child crying at some distance, and the church bells ringing louder than ever. Your own existence starts fading.
You are completely awake!!

The Dream shatters…

Someone is ringing your doorbell frantically, and your baby who fell asleep just 5 minutes back is up with the sound of doorbell, screaming at top of his lungs.
You rush to the door, almost ready to skin the person who rang the bell. Its a courier delivery person, handing you over a box from Amazon. But you have not ordered anything. You check the address, and its for someone else in another block in your apartment. You give him a piece of mind, and send him away.
Does this happen with anyone else? Or is it just me? 🙂
But I truly believe there is some kind of secret society like Illuminati, which knows exactly when babies fall asleep. And they quietly whisper in the ears of these delivery guys ‘Thou shalt ring the doorbell NOW!!’
Fed up with these random people ringing the doorbell just when my wake-up-at-pin-drop-sound baby has slept, I had to finally stick this poster on my door.
I really thought this was funny but I am sure people are not really getting the humour in it. My husband hasn’t come home in three days 😉






  1. One true…so true aspect of life n U hv penned it so hilariously …..