Why Should We Celebrate Women’s Day?

No, this is not going to be that rant where I write about all the atrocities, abuse, inequalities or patriarchal dominance that women face and how that should stop us from celebrating Women’s day! It is also not about ignoring being marginalized or that glass ceiling which should be reminded to all the women and urge them to ‘un-celebrate’ this day.  Women’s Day is about celebrating it, despite all the hierarchies, power equations, biases and prejudices. 

It is just like celebrating Republic Day or World Martyr Day where we remember the contributions made by those brave hearts and how we thank them by honouring these days. I believe it is about remembering and celebrating all the women from the past; from the freedom fighters to the industry workers, from the activists to the homemakers, from saree weavers to warriors.

It is about all women who asserted their way against the injustice of society and made us all reach wherever we are today. Our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and anyone who stood their ground in the face of bigotry and flawed customs.  It is about those who said no to sati and to dowry. Those who demanded equal rights even when they didn’t have a voice,  and to those who did. Those who educated their girls and gave them wings, so we could have this discussion today.  Let’s celebrate this day for them and for their spirits.

For me, this day is about reaffirming my faith in my work and that is to empower women. It is about recognising this gender which is emotional, intense and passionate. Those who have an ironclad will and a heart full of love. It is about celebrating intuitions in the hardened world of practicality. It’s about us embracing this day as we’ve done with Mother’s Day, rejoicing! It is about supporting fellow women and standing beside them in banishing misogyny.

It is natural to dream of a time when we wouldn’t have to celebrate a day for half of Earth’s inhabitants. When there is equality and equal opportunities for us all. But even then, I’d want us all to keep celebrating this day to acknowledge the journey and to salute the women who are quietly looking at us from above, going on our way to work, parliament, mountains or even space.

Happy Women’s Day